Perceiving Time

The six and a half minutes you invest in watching this film returns beautifully in

…you identifying your place in Time, and joyfully orienting yourself from there,

……acknowledging your predecessors, befriending your contemporaries,

………predicting your prints on the Future.

Not only shall we know more, we shall feel more, love more, respect more.

We shall be made gentler, humbler, and perhaps wiser, but certainly more grateful.

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2 Responses to Perceiving Time

  1. alsnstars says:

    For a wonderful accompaniment I suggest: “Timefulness: How thinking like a geologist can help save the world” by Marcia Bjornerud, 2018, Princeton University Press.

  2. Budhita Kismadi says:

    Thank you, Mbak Nana! I loved Katie Paterson’s talk. And now I will look for Marcia Bjornerud’s book.

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