Human abode under the Sky

Eversince I saw this photograph, taken by my friend Yusuf, a gifted astronomer, I am haunted by the stark juxtaposition of the extremely humble abode and the glorious night sky, obviously indifferent to the human condition.

Yesterday I read the obituary for Barbara Marx Hubbard in the New York Times. Her idea of conscious evolution is still relevant, even more so, today. Particularly when we have the choices, the chance, to mend the course of our future story. So I took the liberty to  paraphrase her words and match it with the picture above.

Forever I trust the goodness in human. Yet we need to, time and again,  remind ourselves how beautiful things are when we are good to one another; to care for our Mother Earth, preventing Her from collapsing due to the burden of carrying us and our caprices.

And perhaps, unbeknownst to us, Heaven smiles down at us. I know our fellow Earthlings will.


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